Bill Litteken

Assistant Vice President
NMLS ID: 231898
Missouri ID: 587-MLO
Illinois ID: 031.0024253

As a mortgage loan originator in Missouri and Illinois, Bill counsels borrowers in determining which loan program best serves their interest - whether it is a conventional or jumbo loan, or an FHA, VA, or USDA loan product. He works with many first time buyers and enjoys helping them through the financing process. He feels that being with someone when they sign the papers for their first home is special.

Bill understands that many people don’t know what can affect their ability to buy a home. Credit scores and payment history, debt load and monthly commitments play into the underwriters’ decisions. He likes knowing he can walk a few feet down the hall and speak with our underwriters directly, and in doing so can keep his clients informed throughout the entire process.

Bill’s personal challenge is to help clients buy homes with the best financing possible.


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